A source of energy for the whole day

Toonut’s Birth

It’s thanks to Dakatine’s savoir-faire that we can create our peanut butter : Toonuts.
Available in 4 different flavors, this peanut paste product line can be enjoyed ether on a toast or with a spoon, for kids and grown-ups, Click here.

Toonuts Crunchy

All gourmet food lovers will fall for peanuts slivers!

Toonuts Creamy

Enjoy the unique taste of peanut butter

A Healthy Product for a Healthy Body

Produced from a selection of finely roasted peanuts, Toonuts has the nutritional qualities of a natural product, 100% vegetable, developed without coloring or preservatives.

Endurance for the entire day

Mainly composed of proteins and lipids, enjoy a balance of pleasure and vitality.

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