The Peanut

What do the scientists say?

Lots is said about peanuts and peanut butter. You will find here a summary of the science behind the nut.

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Peanuts and weight gain :
smash the myth

Some prejudices have given peanuts a bad image. Let’s set the record straight. Thanks to its composition, peanuts are a source of natural protein, valuable nutrients and healthy benefits such as helping battle against bad cholesterol.

36 million
tons of peanuts total production
1,2 million
tons of peanuts exported
42 %
of imports come from the European Union
48 %
used for food


People who practice sports have every reason to include peanuts in their diet. Apart from tasting good, it’s a food naturally rich in protein and calories, hence particularly suited when doing sports.

Who’s talking about Dakatine?

Butter and peanuts together ? It is believed that this food is highly caloric. And yet, it is less, with 640 calories per 100 grams, it is less than butter (730 calories) and oil (900 calories).

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