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Dakatine is the brand name for peanut paste or peanut butter.

Produced in Strasbourg at the Grands Moulins de Strasbourg, the Dakatine peanut paste is made from selected peanuts, pealed and roasted before being finely ground.
Dakatine is an excellent nutritious food that can be used for cooking (e.g., fish, meats, sauces, desserts) or mixed with sugar, honey and chocolate.  It’s available in various packaging options.

Dakatine History

Dakatine’s Origins

In the beginning, the Grands Moulins de Strasbourg also owned Les Huileries Alsaciennes. This company produced food oil and whole seeds for the pastry industry. When the seeds were broken or had not the appropriate size, they were of no use. An idea came: to roast and crush these seeds, in order to obtain an unsweetened paste, like they had in the USA.

Immediate Success

This new product was surprisingly a great success especially in the Parisian area. It was consumed by African population the most since peanut paste is a food staple. Today, Dakatine and peanut paste remain the main ingredients in African and Creole food.


The Dakatine brand (short for Dakar + Tartine) was first distributed in 1952 and its success has been growing ever since.


About Dakatine

More questions on Dakatine?  Here’s a collection of its history and know-how, sprinkled with the love we feel for this product.

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Who’s talking about Dakatine?

Peanuts and butter together? We might definitely think this food is highly caloric. And yet with only 640 calories per 100 grams, it’s less than butter (730 calories) and oil (900 calories).

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